MCB – Male Connector BSP(P) Thread

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PART NO.Tube O.D.BSP(P) ThreadQty / Box
AMCB 01025/321/8500
AMCB 01045/321/4500
AMCB 03023/161/8500
AMCB 03043/161/4400
AMCB 04021/41/8400
AMCB 04041/41/4400
AMCB 05025/161/8400
AMCB 05045/161/4400
AMCB 05065/163/8250
AMCB 06023/81/8300
AMCB 06043/81/4250
AMCB 06063/83/8250
AMCB 06073/81/2200
AMCB 07061/23/8200
AMCB 07071/21/2150
AMCB 0409S*1/43/4200
AMCB 0609S*3/83/4200
*Do not come with an O ring on the thread

Technical Information

Material & Structure

MaterialFitting ColourO-ring
POMGrey (Imperial), Black (Metric)NBR, EPDM

 Working Pressure & Temperature

SIZE ►5/323/161/45/163/81/25/87/8
TEMP ▼4mm5mm6mm8mm10mm12mm15mm16mm18mm22mm28mm
1°C (34F)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)
20°C (68F)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)16bar (230psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)11bar (170psi)
65°C (150F)10bar (150psi)10bar (150psi)10bar (150psi)10bar (150psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)7bar (100psi)